Through my counselling work and qualifications in bachelor degree in Psychology, a Masters in Clinical Psychology and a Masters in Philosophy, I have specialised in working with singles who want to be in a relationship, and out of this I have written books for singles and the church. 

Read about 'Dare to Date' and 'Single in Church' below. 

Dare to Date book cover | Aukelien van Abbema

Dare to Date 

‘It’s Complicated’
Matters of the heart always seem to be. But dating in the church? It can be even worse.

Rediscover how to date.

Single in Church book | Aukelien van Abbema

Single in Church

Single in Church both validates singleness as a complete and whole and potentially happy place to be in, and it points to how a culture of healthy dating is possible in church.

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Single Man | Aukelien van Abbema

Singles Counselling.

If you feel stuck in being single and want help finding fun in dating again, I can help you out.

Couple hugging | Aukelien van Abbema

Couples Counselling.

Falling in love again is possible! Clients tell me so over and over again. Just click the button below to find out how.

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