Author, public speaker & counsellor

Connecting for singles and couples

I teach dating in church.

If that’s what you tell people when you first meet you’re sure to get their attention. Especially if it’s true. My name is Aukelien van Abbema and I teach dating in churches. I’m a licensed counsellor, with a masters degree in Psychology and Christian Philosophy and a postdoctorate degree in clinical psychology. I am from the Netherlands but currently live in the Kent, in the UK, with my husband and two small children. But I was single for most of my adult life and part of my heart still feels the pain of being single for a long time.

Dare to Date

This book offers guidance on how to understand yourself and your own dating patterns, how to rely on your network of friends, and how to bring God into the whole process. Filled with wisdom, stories and practical advice, this book is a freeing reassessment of the dating scene. 

Begin a whole new romantic adventure filled with hope, joy and a lot of laughter. Go on, dare to date.

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